BioAPI error 0x194d

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Some aplications (xscreensave, gnome-screensaver) begin to have problems. I only geting in /var/log/auth.log this:
Jul 7 23:06:09 localhost pam_bioapi[11863]: Unable to load BioAPI BSP with UUID of {5550454b-2054-464d-2f45-535320425350}, BioAPI error 0x194d.

Interesting is error 0x194d. It’s only a few days since Elias Holman send to linux-biometrics conference this:

I’m not sure if this is the place for this, but I don’t know where else
to ask. I have a new Toshiba M400 laptop running Fedora Core 5 that has
the same fingerprint scanner as the ThinkPad (I believe…). It shows
up with the same description and device ID. However, after I get
everything installed and configured with bioapi, when I run the sample
application, I get:

BioAPI_ModuleLoad failed, BioAPI Error Code: 6477 (0x194d)

even as root, so I don’t believe it is a permissions problem.
Supporting that position is that nothing appears in /var/log/secure to
indicate access failure. Also, when I run with strace, I see the
following (the device is at 003:002)
= 0
open(“/dev/bus/usb/003/002”, O_RDWR) = 12
ioctl(12, USBDEVFS_SETCONFIGURATION, 0xbfab21c4) = 0
ioctl(12, USBDEVFS_CLAIMINTERFACE, 0xbfab21c4) = 0
nanosleep({0, 10000000}, NULL) = 0
ioctl(12, USBDEVFS_CONTROL, 0xbfab218c) = 1
gettimeofday({1152120959, 632108}, NULL) = 0
ioctl(12, USBDEVFS_SUBMITURB, 0xbfab1914) = 0
ioctl(12, USBDEVFS_REAPURBNDELAY, 0xbfab1958) = -1 EAGAIN (Resource
temporarily unavailable)
select(13, NULL, [12], NULL, {0, 1000}) = 1 (out [12], left {0, 1000})
gettimeofday({1152120959, 633112}, NULL) = 0
ioctl(12, USBDEVFS_REAPURBNDELAY, 0xbfab1958) = 0
nanosleep({0, 10000000}, NULL) = 0
gettimeofday({1152120959, 647226}, NULL) = 0
ioctl(12, USBDEVFS_SUBMITURB, 0xbfab1924) = 0
ioctl(12, USBDEVFS_REAPURBNDELAY, 0xbfab1968) = -1 EAGAIN (Resource
temporarily unavailable)

It appears to be having trouble reading from the USB file system or
device? I am little confused at this point because of the way Fedora
handles USBFS. It appears to be mounting /dev/bus/usb at /proc/bus/usb,
but that doesn’t show up from mount. lsusb gives me back what you would
expect, so I assume it is working. I am also 99% sure that the scanner
is functional because I tried it via Windows when I first got the laptop
before I wiped it and I was able to operate it with no trouble.
Following is the relevant lsusb output, in case anything jumps out at
people. I am using a custom 2.6.15 kernel (with a few small, hopefully
irrelevant tweaks) based on 2.6.15-1.2054_FC5smp. I updated to
libusb-0.12 just in case that was the issue. Any insight would be
greatly appreciated.

I thing it is not coincidence. Really insightfull discussion is at thinkwiki.

Finaly it is definetly permission error. After removing suid bit xscreensaver run for me.

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